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So you just got engaged or planning to get engaged! Here I have made an article about tips, ideas and inspiration for your engagement session in Houston! I want to share some knowledge I have accumulated over the years, and give you a fresh perspective from a professional photographer.

There are so many beautiful places in Houston for engagement photography. Something to keep in mind when looking for a photographer is the kind of vibe or aesthetic you are attracted to.

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Engagement Session in Texas


Some questions you can ask yourself:

  • Do I want bright and airy photos?
  • Do I want something moody and more emotional?
  • Do I want multiple locations for my gallery?
  • Do I want to do the photoshoot indoor or in a studio?

Also this is the perfect time to test out a photographer for your wedding day!

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After you have decided this, go through instagram or online to search for your photographer.

Personally, I am more of a moody and emotional photographer and this is a theme I will continue with while shooting a wedding. I also include a complimentary engagement package for all of my large wedding packages! Check out my pricing here.

Booking a Photographer

Another tip for booking a photographer is to really do your research and do not skimp out on your budget.

There are so many photographers out there, but there are a few that dedicate personal time to each client and are more than capable and willing to give you an amazing gallery with a variety of photos.

This usually comes with a higher price tag, but is definitely worth your time and money.

I have seen over and over again in my career, someone booking a cheaper photographer and then having to book again for their photos to be redone and end up paying much more. This is something to keep in mind.

Also make sure to get on the phone, or zoom call with your photographer so you guys can meet before your photoshoot!


Do you want your photos to look magazine-like?!

Do not worry, I GOT YOU! I send out a styling guide to every one of my clients but I will share a few tips here.

1.Compliment each other – do not match.

The biggest mistake I see clients making is wearing matching outfits. For example, everyone wearing a blue top and black pants. If the color scheme is the color blue, we can mix and match shades, textures, and other neutrals! Lets say the lady is wearing white shirt, blue jeans, then her partner should wear gray shirt, and black pants. This is a very simple example but this type of outfit gives the photo some dynamic.

2. Mix & Match Textures!

This has to be my most favorite tip! It really gives photos crazy dynamic and very interesting to the eye. Here are examples of different textures these are only a few, there are so many to be explored! Some Examples: Silk, Corduroy, Leather, Wool, Denim, Cotton, Flannel

3. Wear Well Fitting Clothing!

Another mistake I have seen is people do is wearing oversized clothing thinking it is better. That is not the case at all! Wearing something that if flattering on you and that ALSO makes you feel comfortable is ideal. We are NOT covering up bodies or anything like that here. Posing will help with that if you are concerned!

*Pro Tip: If you like wearing dresses, they photograph soooooo well and are flattering on everyone!

4. Wear what makes you feel comfy!

I know these are a lot of tips and I want to make it clear to wear things that make you feel comfortable and like YOU! These are just tips that will help elevate your photos and they do not all have to be followed. Following even just a few rules here will help. Pick and choose whatever suits you best!

5. Make sure to iron your clothes before the shoot.

There is nothing worse than scramming the day of your photoshoot and arriving late and possibly having to reschedule or pay a late fee. Make sure to iron and have your clothes laid out the day prior.

6. Practice your makeup and hair prior!

Or if you are getting your makeup and hair done professionally that works too! But if you are doing it yourself, and nervous about the outcome, practice before hand 🙂


This comes down to preference but I would say a good tip is to pick a location that is really close in proximity to different types of backgrounds so that your photos have much dynamic!

For example, Cy Hope, is one of my favorite places to shoot at. They have weeping trees, Texan themed buildings, greenery, and brick walls. This will give a couple many photos to choose from.

Also another tip if you are going for something more laid back, shoot at your favorite coffee shop, bar or restaurant! Even an at home photoshoot would be so cute! Honestly you can do whatever feels right to you. Do not feel pressured to do what everyone else is doing.


When in doubt, kiss it out! Honestly when you are booking a professional photographer, posing is something that should be the least of your worries. When you book someone with enough experience, they will guide you through the whole process.


When you are booking a photographer consider if you would like limited images or all of the best images from the shoot.

Another tip I have is to ask your photographer if you can see the photos they take DURING your shoot, if the photographer already does not offer (I one time made this mistake, and when I got my photos I literary CRIED).

Sometimes there are things that photographers do not see that their clients feel insecure about. This was the case for me. I did not ask nor did the photographer offer, and there were things I DID NOT LIKE , like my double chin! So learn from my mistake, and ask. I now make sure to show my clients the photos every time while we are taking engagement photos.

Thank you so much for reading and I wish you the best of luck!

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