What If My Baby Cries During the Photography Session?

DSC02587 What If My Baby Cries During the Photography Session?

It’s completely normal to wonder what to do if your baby starts crying during a photography session. In this guide, we hope to ease some anxiety and provide tips and insights to help you handle the situation and ensure that you still capture beautiful photos while keeping your baby comfortable.

Choose the Right Time

Schedule the photography session at a time when your baby is usually calm and content. Typically, right after a feeding and a diaper change is ideal. As a new parent, I understand that you are still getting to know your baby. I find that babies are very relaxed after a good feeding.

Stay Calm and Relaxed

Babies can pick up on your energy. This is real! If you’re anxious or stressed, it may affect your baby’s mood. Stay calm, smile, and keep a positive attitude to help put your baby at ease. Remember to take deep breathes.

Book an Experienced Photographer

Professional photographers are experienced with newborns and understand that babies can be unpredictable. I will be patient and accommodating if your baby needs breaks or soothing. I would never push your baby or you to do something that is making your family feel uncomfortable. My packages also allow enough time and flexibility in case baby gets fussy.

Keep a Warm Environment

Ensure the photography environment is warm and comfortable. Newborns are sensitive to temperature, so keeping the room cozy can prevent discomfort.

Diaper Changes

Check for a soiled diaper and change it if necessary. A clean and dry baby is more likely to be content during the session. Do not worry, in my packages you can change your baby! There is no rush.

Parental Comfort

Babies often find comfort in their parents’ presence. If needed, hold your baby, and allow the photographer to capture these candid moments of love and reassurance. I do this often if baby is fussy.

Embrace it!

Often, I still take a few photographs of your baby crying. Just for the memories!

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