Fall Mini Photoshoot in Houston – What are they?

Hello everyone! If you got to this page, thank you. I wanted to make a little informational post about fall minis. If you are barely getting into the world of photography and keep hearing the word “mini’s” thrown around, and do not know what it is, you might be very confused! So here I am to explain all of that to you 🙂


I offer mini sessions so that people that might not be able to do a full session with me, have the opportunity to work with me and still get beautiful images. Usually minis are done in time windows and book up quickly. These sessions are available for families, portraits, maternity even, basically any shoot!


This is the cool thing about these sessions. They are discounted!!! And who does not like a good little discount? Pricing ranges but for my sessions this year is $150 with 25 images and 20 minutes! Sounds so quick right? You would be surprised, from the perspective of a photographer, I can get so many great images during this time frame. I have a set of poses that I do with all of my clients that makes this process quick.

Why should you book with me?

I love providing amazing service and a hassle free booking process for all my clients. I take care of everything and all you have to do is sit back and relax and have an amazing time! I also will show you the images through out the whole process so that you can walk away confident in the images I took! Have you ever worked with a photographer, were so excited to see the images, and were just so disappointed when they were delivered? ? Well yeah it happens to the best of us, and I have been there. I want you to LOVE your images. Seriously. Also I am transparent through this whole process and I value connection. Look, I just want to provide you a service that you are so excited about. The way I shoot is very personalized to everyone. I see how people interact with a space, and I try my best to capture WHO YOU ARE. Not what will just look good on Instagram, and if that is your boat, that is okay too. 🙂

Well, this is where I sign out, I hope you follow me a long my journey on my socials and I hope to hear from you regarding these sessions or any other future sessions! Peace out!

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