Small Wedding Package Costs in Texas and Ideas for Money Saving

Hey! Are you wondering on average a small wedding package will be? You are in the right spot! I am here to tell you though that it is very variable.

I have worked with couples who have kept their wedding under 15k and had amazing wedding days!

The key here is to identify what is most important for you. Is it the venue? the food? the photos and/or video for the memories?

With a quick google search, the average costs for a Texas wedding in 2022 is 30k and most likely going up for 2023.

Here I will break down the essentials and also what you can ask a friend or family member to do or cover for your wedding day. Since it is a small wedding there are a lot of things you can personalize here and give your own touch to. Remember, your wedding day does not need to look a certain way, just do things that feel true to you! All of these factors are extremely variable so please come in with an open mind about what your wedding day could be.

letsrunawaytogether Small Wedding Package Costs in Texas and Ideas for Money Saving


Venues in Texas can range from $3,000 – $11,000. If you are planning for a small wedding, you probably do not need an awful lot lot of space.

I will share some ideas for small wedding but if you do want to go with a venue here are some tips.

Venues that are available during the weekdays tend to be cheaper than during the weekends but make sure they are open when you want to get married.

If you want something more rustic and outdoorsy then check out park.

Farms are also out there by people who are willing to rent out their space! If you want something more modern then check out hotels/restaurants.

Couple getting married inside of a greenhouse in texas
Venue for small wedding in texas

I recommend joining local facebook groups and posting your budget and the type of venue you are looking for. People are more than happy to make recommendations and also many venues looking for business will be tuned into those groups!

If your wedding is going to be small and intimate then you can opt for a backyard wedding. This will save you money on venue rental and catering but if you want to make the space feel extra special, then you can choose to decorate with flowers, candles, lights etc… Another option is an Airbnb which will also free up your budget and allow you to go all out on decorating!


Invitations can range in price point depending on your preference. A quick google search tells me that for 100 invitation you can pay up to $150-$200. For a small wedding you can pay much less of course.

I have seen many couples opt to using e-invites that they customized through Canva! You can even make your own hand written invitations! Pinterest is key here.

Photography + Video

Another really important aspect is photography and video of course! This is how you will relive your wedding day year after year. Also, if you are keeping your wedding day small or even if your are eloping, this is how you will share your day with others so they can relive it with you.

On average, an experienced photographer will start at $3000 in Texas. Video and photography packages combined can cost from $6000-$12000.

Some couples opt out video but nothing matches the professional quality of a video. If you do choose to opt out, you can go vintage and get a camcorder and have a friend or family member follow you guys all day! Get creative here!

Many couples also choose to make this either their second most budget or number one splurge. This will be one of the only things left after your wedding day. Let that sink in. It will be the only thing left to show your children and passed down to your children’s children. This is very very important and sometimes handing this off to a family member or friend that is not experienced in this field – can lead to a not so great experience.

photo of newly married couple walking down the aisle with flower petals being thrown at them


Look, if you live in Texas. This category might be your most important expenditure. I know for me it is! Usually catering services charge per-head. Like i mentioned previously, I believe going into facebook group chats would be amazing here. You never know, maybe runs a small business and makes amazing Texan styled food or anything else up your alley!

Sometimes though your venue will offer catering services where you do not have to worry about serving plates and all that jazz. Maybe you have an aunt or grandma that makes your most amazing lasagna! Hey, if it is just going to be a few of you guys at your wedding – go out for a fancy dinner or a not so fancy dinner like What-A-Burger! Get creative here!!

Dress + Suit

Luxury dress and suits can cost up to 10k. But if you are looking for something more affordable you can definitely find something within the $500 range. Same tip here, go on facebook groups specifically for wedding brides – I see so many posts of people selling their wedding dresses!

Another option is to check out Harwin in Houston. This are in Houston is known for selling things shipped from China and usually at a discounted rate compared to traditional big boxed dress and suit stores.

Another option is to check out Amazon, or vintage stores.

I think a cool idea could also be to up cycle a dress from a mom, grandma or aunt if they allow you to do so!

Hair + Makeup

Hair and makeup for a wedding on average can cost $300. There are many makeup artists out there who can do your makeup for a wedding day that range from style and budget. They will charge anywhere from $150 to $500 for their services depending on the artist’s skill level and your location.

Something to keep in mind is that not all makeup artists do hair and not all hair stylist do hair. Sometimes you might have to book separately.

If you love make up and do it in your free time, you can opt into doing it yourself but practice before your wedding day. There is so many Youtube videos here that will help with this!

Again, Facebook groups will be great here to find a makeup and artist.

Thank you so much for being here and checking out my blog! Make sure to keep up with me for more tips on my socials!

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