Maternity Photographer in Spring, TX

Looking for a maternity photographer that will craft you a vision? Read further to know what my mindset was behind this photoshoot! First of all this maternity photoshoot was a dream!

Pregnant woman posing in a forest with a flowing maroon dress in Houston, Texas. Photography taken by Helena Photographs

This mom came to my studio in Spring, Texas looking for a sexy and intimate maternity photoshoot outdoors. Together, we embarked on a journey to capture her beauty and intimacy amidst the stunning outdoors. Throughout the process, we ensured that every detail was carefully considered to create these exquisite and memorable photographs.

We carefully selected this forest location that would enhance the beauty of the mom-to-be and create a moody backdrop for the photos. We decided to have this photoshoot during the late of the day to make sure there was soft natural lighting. Which added an ethereal touch. I strategically has her pose in several locations to add depth and creativity to the compositions. The result was a series of stunning images that captured the essence of this special moment in her life.

She wanted a combination of photos with her partner but majority of mostly herself! I helped her choose this beautiful flowing maroon maternity dress. My mindset behind this is that it coordinates well with the greenery and brown tones of a forest which would play all in our favor for a moody maternity photoshoot. Now for her partner, we decided to go from some neutral colors that would not take away from her shine.

We also decided to go with a flowing maroon dress so that it gave us more poses to experiment with. The slit in the dress was moms idea and it came together beautifully!

During the photoshoot, my mind goes into a flow state. I pick up on the energy of the couple and work my magic. This couple were so loving with one another and that is where the inspiration for my poses came from. Poses that showed connection, love and attraction for one another. I think the results came out beautifully and it was a pleasure to work with this couple!

When I was photographing this mom, I kept getting nymph – forest fairy vibes. I asked the mom if she could get on her knees to show connection to the earth and this is when I got these stunning photos!

Is this your first searching for a maternity photographer? Here is what to keep in mind for your photoshoot located in Spring, Texas!

1. Location

The location sets the tone for the entire photoshoot. Are you looking for a memorable album or something stunning to hang on your wall? This will determine your photoshoot! Whether it’s the comfort of your home, the serenity of a nature setting, or the charm of an urban backdrop, choose a location that resonates with you. Some moms-to-be opt for multiple locations to add variety and depth to their maternity album.

2. Styling for the Bump

Selecting the right outfits is an exciting part of the maternity photoshoot process. Flowing dresses, form-fitting gowns, or casual wear that accentuates the baby bump can all make for stunning photographs. Coordinate with me to ensure that the outfits complement the chosen location and enhance the overall aesthetic. We will go over this through a video chat!

3. Creative Poses

Maternity photography allows for a myriad of creative poses that showcase the beauty of the baby bump. From classic profile shots to playful candid moments, I will guide you through poses that feel natural and authentic. The goal is to capture the connection between you, your partner, and the little one on the way!

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