The Oak Atelier Wedding – Moody and Emotional Houston Photography

Hailey and Sean’s wedding made me really want to get to know them more as people. Their whole wedding was really centered about them and their love and the Oak Atelier has an amazing greenhouse and outdoor setting for this.Their wedding was a small intimate wedding of no more than 30-40 people and it was so close knit. I felt like part of their little friend group to be honest. It surprised me that I was the only person they hired aside from the caterers that they personally knew. The DJ, the officiant, the coordinator are all people they know and it felt that much more intimate. To be honest I felt special that they trusted me with their very intimate and special wedding.

The day started with me driving roughly an hour from Houston to The Woodlands for this outdoor wedding. I was bumping music and of course drinking my coffee! When I got there, I started photographing my experience as I stepped into this venue to replicate what my couple would see as they arrived.

After a few minutes, we realized that the power was out! Isn’t that crazy, on your wedding day?! The power is out. A tree fell down the road and knocked over some wires causing the WHOLE street to lose power. We were with no AC, no water, couldn’t use the restroom and STRESSED. I tried to keep my cool and just kept rolling with the punches and continued to photograph the day because well I don’t need power to take photos.

I did not pay attention to the situation and just continued to photograph in the green house. Finally, the bride arrived and she kept her cool and I believe that made everyone stay calm as well. We continued with the day as planned but flexible to make any changes in plans as well.

We took the brides portraits in this little tub that the venue has. My bride is so cool seriously and so fun and I was so happy to photograph her in this setting. It really made for some emotional photos as her mom was helping her get in the tub. We did first looks and then while I was taking the brides portraits, BOOM the POWER WAS BACK ON! Right before the ceremony. This is when the day turned around and started going so well.

The groom last minute wanted to do a first touch. I believe has was a little stressed prior to this because of the whole situation and he had a little moment with the bride with no one present before their ceremony.

Next came the ceremony. Let me tell you, I WAS CRYING. I was crying, and so was everyone else. The groom was losing it, and honestly it was so sweet. I started tearing up while editing this part of the ceremony. I am a sponge, and I sometimes soak up emotions around me and I was losing it and trying to not let the tears get in the way of me seeing what was infront of me!

They did a rose petal exit, and walked out the ceremony and that is when you could literary feel the LOVE in the air. I can go on about the rest of the wedding day but I will stop here and update this once I finish up the full gallery. Thank you so much Sean and Hailey for hiring me and trusting me with your day seriously. And thank you to the whole family and if you have made it this far! If you would like follow my socials, recommend me to a friend or family member, that really helps me out to continue doing what I love which is photographing intimate couples like Sean and Hailey. Here is my Instagram, Facebook, and Google Review if you would like to leave me a review!

Family and friends you can also download the gallery here and order prints or anything of that nature. These are just the sneek peeks I promised to the couple and the full gallery will come later!

  1. Stinnett Mark (Dad) says:

    Unbelievably good pix to match an unbelievably great day!

  2. Lori Stinnett says:

    Wonderful pictures. Thank you so much!

  3. Eugene Hoffman says:


  4. anna hoffman says:

    Beautiful captured memories

  5. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful bride and handsome groom surrounded with loving family and friends .

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