Best Pose and Posing Ideas For Couples

From your local Houston, Texas Wedding Photographer. Posing can be make so overwhelming but it is okay! I am here to help!

1. Face Each Other and Look Down and Touch Foreheads

This is one I do all the time when I am starting out a photoshoot. It is extremely diverse for maternity photos to romantic couple photos. Here are some examples of that pose. Some couples will do something a little bit different and that is okay!

2. Hold Hands and Walk Towards or Past My Camera

Motion, Motion, Motion makes a photo! Get your clients moving with this real easy prompt! Bonus: Tell them to look at one another, skip, or pull each other close. Make sure to not put down your camera when they finish the movement because this is where you’ll get those candid photos. You can also get low to the ground and take pictures of the couple holding hands.

3. Hug One Person From Behind

This is another favorite that can be done sitting up and sitting down! You can get the person from behind to kiss the person in front on their neck, smell their head, rest their cheek on their shoulder. Every couple will fall into a different variation naturally.

4. Walk Towards the Camera

Of course, a classic. Just tell your couple to hold hands, and walk towards the camera while looking at one another, and away from from the camera for candid photos. You can also tell them to run towards the camera for dynamic shots!

5. Walk Away from the Photographer

Right after walking towards the camera, get your couple to walk away from you. If you did not get them to run in the previous pose, get some here. Try framing your subjects with the environment around you.

6. The Drunk Walk

This one is so funny and I love to start out this one with,”Do you guys drink?” This is usually out of place and gets my couple laughing. I will tell them to hold hands, pretend like they just were at a night out, and walk drunkenly towards the camera.

7. Hug an Arm Facing Opposite of each other

This is a cute and classic. Get one person to hug an arm and face the opposite from one another. Make sure to get creative and take photos from different perspectives.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I have post going over another tip that has really helped me get the most candid and natural shots!

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