#1 Tip for Candid Couple Posing

Have you guys struggled with posing couples and getting those natural candid photos that you see everywhere online? That was what I wanted from the start of my career but I found that a lot of couples felt very nervous and stiff during photoshoots early in my career. I believe the culprit of this was MY confidence in shooting.

Imagine, you are a couple, nervous about being in front of a camera and there is clearly a photographer that is not confident in their work.

I did not know what to do in certain situations, I was scared to speak up and tell them to do something different. I honestly was lost.

I started to grow frustrated for a while and started to look into prompt photography; this is when you give your couples a “prompt” and they follow. At this point, it was sorta working but not completely. My skills in photography started to grow but not my couples.

It was until I started communicating openly and freely with my couple about the vision I saw without fear of judgement. I know, it is so simple but for those of us that are insecure, never spoke up in their life before (trauma lol), this was such a “WOW, I figured it out!” type of moment for me.

Before every photoshoot I reassure my self that I am a photographer for a reason. People hired me for my vision and creative input. It took so much love, reassurance and compassion towards myself to finally break through this bubble of insecurity.

I know this blog post might not be for everyone, but as some one that likes to talk openly about mental health, insecurities and all that jazz, I hope this helps someone that is in the position I was in.

I have a video expanding on this more and if you have questions or anything like that please comment below!

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